AAT 432 Cove Base Adhesive


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AAT-432 Acrylic Cove Base Adhesive

AAT-432 is an acrylic latex based adhesive, non-flammable, and specifically formulated for the
installation of rubber or vinyl cove base. AAT-432 is suitable for installations to almost any clean, dry,
and structurally sound wall surface, and is water-resistant when cured. Apply adhesive directly to base
or wall. Stay 1/8” away from top of base to prevent oozing. After placing base roll with a hand roller.
Continue in like manner until all base has been placed. Roll toward previously installed section to insure
a tight fit.

Approximate Cartridge Coverage

Linear foot coverage:

  • 2 ½”base 300 lin. ft.
  •  4” base 250 lin. ft.
  • 6” base 160 lin. ft.
  • 30 oz tube 50 lin. ft. of 4” base with 1/8” bead


AAT-432 Technical Data Sheet 

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 3 in



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