Direct-Glue Seam Sealer

AAT 125 Direct-Glue Seam Sealer


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AAT-125 Solvent Seam Adhesive is a non-flammable chlorinated solvent blend rubber adhesive formulated especially for seaming broadloom carpets in direct glue down applications. AAT-125 has an extremely tough, fast grabbing bond which is water and alkali resistant. This product is not intended for vinyl-backed (PVC) carpets. AAT-125 is used to join together the primary backs of the two sections of carpet being seamed together. Run a small continuous bead of adhesive along the carpet joint and bring the sections together immediately. The aggressive tough grab develops immediately. Use an absorbent white cotton cloth and AAT-197 Adhesive Remover to clean up excess adhesive.

AA-125 Seam Adhesive is recommended for the following uses: A. Latex foam-backed carpet (Durogan, GSA, Sponge) B. Attached urethane foam backed carpet (Enhancer®). C. Woven polypropylene (ActionBac®) D. Unitary (latex and urethane) E. Laminating carpet to stairs (use a contact cement)


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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 4.5 in