DuoFast Jet-Tac Epoxy


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This DuoFast Jet-Tac adhesive is a quick-set epoxy that is ideal for tack strip installation on concrete or wood.  Jet-Tac™ is the first two-part epoxy that comes in a uniquely designed 10 oz. (250 ml) cartridge with a nozzle that can be used in a standard caulk gun.  The specially designed nozzle allows the two-part epoxy to be fully mixed by the time it reaches the end of the nozzle; thus, no mixing by hand and no special tools are needed. Unlike hot-melt glues Jet-Tac™ sets up in 5 to 7 minutes, allowing enough time for the installer to apply the adhesive and position the tack strip in place.  It also features a superior holding power formulation and a cure time of just two hours. Carpet installers will appreciate this because it allows power stretching on the tack strip after just two hours meaning they no longer have to come back much later in the day or the next day to complete the installation.  Due to its superior holding power, installers can apply Jet-Tac™ in dabs rather than a continuous bead, meaning they typically use less than competitive adhesives to obtain superior results. In addition to using less Jet-Tac™ adhesive per installation, the cartridge can be opened and resealed without the epoxy setting up inside the cartridge.

A single 10oz cartridge covers 90-150/ Lin. Ft. depending on the size of the bead.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

1 Case- 12 Tubes, 1 Tube


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